Total Movie Recall is a weekly free-wheeling film nostalgia podcast in which host Steve Albertson and a guest will revisit a nostalgic film favorite to learn about each other and this wacky world we live in. The guest may choose a film that has touched them in some way at a specific moment in their lives, or roll dice to randomly choose a film from Steve’s painstakingly assembled list of films. TMR is produced independently in Los Angeles, CA.

Steve’s lifetime film obsession began as a child, solidified in film school and continues to ruin relationships to this day. He’s worked on over 50 films (include many of his own that no one will ever see), with a focus on documentary, and hosted Burnaway.org‘s ArtSpeak, a fine arts radio show on Atlanta’s AM 1690 with a focus on film. His comic book, Ghost Spy, was picked up by Image Comics, the third largest publisher in the U.S., and sold over 10,000 copies internationally. He spent 10 years with his band Dr. Killbot in Chicago, moved to Atlanta and started experimental surf-punk band SEX BBQ, fronts goon-rock outfit illiterates and Dungeons & Dragons themed hip hop project Epic Levels.

Ryan co-hosted episodes 001-028. Between Ryan practicing his Jean-Claude Van Damme high kicks and Wesley Snipes b-ball court smack talk, he barely had time to get his useless journalism and film degree. After trolling the FCC as an intern at a public radio station in Washington D.C that would prefer he didn’t name them for fear of litigation, Ryan came back to get an equally inconsequential Master’s degree in Religious Studies, where he applies the Jungian models for god to equally academic works like Point Break, Gleaming the Cube, and the made-for-TV Ewok films (for which he will never apologize for loving. So just fuck right off with your judgment).